Nellie Davis: The Creative on the Block

Nellie Davis – Creator extraordinaire

Our team recently sat down with entrepreneur and chief creative officer at Outsiders Hair Studio, Nellie Davis to learn more about what fuels her creativity and business acumen in the Reno/Tahoe area. She strives to create not just a salon with an experience, but a community of “outsiders” who want to express themselves and share what they believe in.
What is your passion?
I’m most passionate about building a strong connection between what I do behind the chair and my community. I’m determined to prove that being a hair stylist is so much more than scissors and a comb. It’s the feeling associated with a good hair experience. That we, as stylists, are both fine artists and confidants.

who are your role models for strength and resilience?
I have so many role models. While there are folks in my industry who are undoubtedly talented, I find the most encouragement to grow and succeed from those closest to me. My friends, my team and especially my son. He teaches me so much about who I strive to be.

Biggest regret:
I try not to live with regret, only lessons.

Biggest fear:
I have a steady fear of snakes and the dark. There’s many, many ways you can look at that.

When was the last time your laughed?

When was the last time you cried:

What can we expect from you in the future? A big dream? Or challenge you are setting for yourself?
Great, unstoppable things, I hope. I have the dream of inspiring. I’d love to travel the world and incorporate what I gain into my work and my relationships to create a unique fashion culture from that. In the same sense, I want to be able to show other outsiders that it’s quite the adventure to embrace who you are.

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