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Girl Empire Is BACK Jan 28

Click on the events tab and check out the Girl Empire page! Get your tickets and gear if you're an attendee and find out how you can sponsor a girl! Find out more about what Girl Empire is by clicking below!

You can’t be what you can’t see. That’s why Girlmade is here; to train Lady Bosses who create positive change and help others do the same. Chief Inspiration Officer Lauren

What Is Girlmade?

What does it mean to play BIG?

We Are

A company that hosts rad events dedicated to “helping women play BIG.” Whether you’re still in school, or running your own company, we realize that you need not just professional services that will teach, train and inspire you, but a network of lady bosses who believe collaboration is the new competition.


With curriculum that has been refined and crafted to educate people on how to teach young girls and women of all ages to be Lady Bosses.


Facilitators, and students alike in how to make a difference and help others do the same!


Workshops and Events like Girl Empire that are specifically designed to be rad, motivational, and leave you with skills you didn’t even know you needed.


Women of all ages to acquire and utilize skills they need to succeed in the business world.


Brings powerhouse CEO’s and Founders together in events like Brekkie for Bosses…Lady Bosses.


Women who are determined to make a difference to other women who have resources who can help them achieve great things. *Cough Cough* Collaboration.

Building an Empire of well rounded Lady Bosses
Connecting Lady Bosses to others who have years of experience
General Badassery

Our Mission

Our goal is to encourage women to want leadership and business skills. We teach them the importance of both hard and soft skills in the business world, and how to approach starting their own businesses. We bring together swanky lady bosses who have made and are still making an impact in our world and its inhabitants. We bring women together to be more and do more.

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